Let's bring your event to life.

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What We Do

Wicked River Event Production is a Dubuque, Iowa, based company that provides event planning and production services for anything from dinner parties and weddings to corporate meetings, conferences, non-profit fundraisers, and more.



While you focus on creating the vibe you want for your event, we'll help you stay ahead of the game by locking down locations, dealing with permits, and booking vendors.


Vendor Coordination

Let us be your single point of contact for the venue, catering staff, florists, performers, or anybody else who's going to need direction to make your event happen.


Onsite Management

Sometimes it's nice to have somebody other than you onsite to put out fires. We'll bring the hose.



We charge one fee, per hour, no matter what. When it comes down to it, do you really want to spend hours on the phone researching venues, confirming vendors, and triple checking that everything is in place? Probably not. That's what we're here for. We've done all this before, so we know the ropes. Let us save you time and effort.















Who We Are


Meet Danielle

This photo makes her look like a money-obsessed jerk, but she’s not. This money belongs to somebody else, she's just helping them rake it in. Danielle likes to volunteer (a lot). One day somebody said, "You know, I bet people would pay you to do what you're doing now for free."

Well, here we are, and here is Wicked River.
















What We Are Not


Your Communication or PR Agency

We are great at taking your ideas and figuring out how to logistically bring them to life. But, they are just that. YOUR ideas. If you need help creating strategic content or figuring out how to craft your message, we know a lot of really smart people who do that for a living. We'll put you in touch. If you want us to promote your event via our social media channels, of course we will! As far as getting information out to your followers, that's on you.


Your Development Specialist

"Development" is just another way to say "fundraising." Some people are very, very good at that. We are not. BUT, we'll make sure your fundraising event goes off without a hitch. That way, your high-rolling guests see you focusing all your attention on your cause while we take care of the behind-the-scenes details.



 Who We Work With



Whether you’re a DIY bride who just needs a day-of wedding coordinator, or you want someone there every step of the way from the day of your engagement, we make the entire wedding planning process easier. Still need to find that perfect wedding dress? Let us introduce you to our favorite bridal shop owners. Want to “wow” your guests? We’ll help you book the most unique wedding venues in the tri-state area. Head over to our page on The Knot for more details!


Corporate Events

When your business hosts a conference, strategic planning retreat, or client meeting, your time is better spent focusing on the purpose, messaging, and desired outcomes of the event - not all the logistical details that can make or break your day. Don’t get stuck just hoping that the catering comes on time, that the microphone works, or that your PowerPoint actually displays correctly on screen. We make sure all those things are in place before you even walk into the room.



Fundraisers are important. To do it effectively, your staff needs to interact face-to-face with your donors (i.e. schmooze like you’ve never schmoozed before). It’s hard to be present if you’re being interrupted to put out fires. Keeping things running smoothly in the background is what we do best.


Festivals & Parties

We co-founded one of Dubuque’s favorite new nightlife events, The Millwork Night Market. The second Thursday of every month from April - October, thousands of people come out to enjoy the best of what’s local: food, art, music, and craft beer in the Historic Millwork District. We’re all about making Dubuque a vibrant, fun community. If you’ve got an idea for a large public gathering, we can help you navigate the event planning process from start to finish. It’s your idea - we’re here to help make it happen.