Self-care: Good For Business

Have you ever floated? I’m talking about being completely suspended in the dark with no concept of the other bodily sensations that you’re used to. True sensory deprivation. It’s super weird. What started as a treat yo’ self activity with some friends turned into one of the most introspective days of my life, and launched a series of decisions that actually changed the direction my business was headed.

Mine is not a unique situation. Entrepreneurs often put 110% of their resources into their business first, and take care of themselves second (or sometimes not at all). You so badly want your company to be successful that it becomes easy to neglect yourself. Don’t do that. It’s not good for you and it’s certainly not good for your business in the long run.

I’m no expert, but hey look! Some relatively credible sources say the same thing! Take a gander at these articles from Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, or Girlboss. If you still don’t believe me, Google it for yourself.

This month’s issue of HER Magazine also includes a spread on self-care.


When you take time to slow down, your thoughts become more focused. You may even come out the other side with unexpected bursts of creativity and clarity.

That’s what happened to me. After a slow winter (and a mind-blowing float) I resolved to DO something about my situation -- better educate myself, be more efficient, go after bigger clients. Coffee’s for closers.

Incase you were wondering, you don’t have to live in a big city to experience something like this. If yoga, massage, sauna, or floating is your bag, check out Float and Fly Wellness Studio in downtown Dubuque. Quiet, clean, and relaxing. It might just change your life.

Another reason I love it? YOU CAN BOOK PRIVATE EVENTS THERE.

The next time you’re hosting an executive retreat, bringing in high-rolling clients, or impressing your board members, think outside the box and consider making everyone take a class together, or instead of an indulgent dinner + cocktails after a long work session, give them an opportunity to chill the hell out.

Taking care of yourself can be even simpler: walk in the woods, read before bed, make time to exercise, celebrate small wins (no matter how small) with ice cream, or as the badA$$ Sally Krawcheck said, if it gets you through a long day at work, just buy the fucking latte.